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Web-0270 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas

#760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas

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ETA--2-4-Weeks 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas

INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING or Delivery & Installation in selected areas Please see the Shipping & Installation link for more info. For Pick-Up order Deduct $500.00
Select Size of Sauna:
2ft (60cm) Porch on Front:
Add 4ft. Change Room::
Overhang Cove on Front:
Select if you want a HARVIA M3 Wood Burning Heater
2 -9'' x 26'' Windows in Front Wall:
Lounge Sauna Bench Upgrade
Add: Signature Sauna Upgrade. See below what this includes.:
Clear Cedar Bevel Roof w/EPDM Rubber
Solar Light Outdoor

 Premium Panoramic View Clear Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna. This sauna comes with an acrylic bubble back wall that allows you to see the beautiful view of you lake or landscape from inside the sauna. This unique sauna feels spacious and the views just add to the relaxing feeling when in the sauna. Clear Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna made with 1 1/2″ cedar boards and stainless steel hardware will ensure this barrel sauna lasts a long time. Add The Signature package for a premium look. Includes: Built in Floor, Premium benches with arch seat, Cedar slates between bench to the floor. Built in back rest for better comfort and Premium bench on porch if porch is selected. 

Available in 3 length sizes and a variety of options, see below.

  Panoramic View Assembly Instructions .pdf          YOU TUBE Assembly Video    


  • 2-8 person capacity (depending on size)
  • 84" Diameter
  • Made in Canada
  • Acrylic bubble back wall.
  • 3.8-cm (1.5-in.) thick walls
  • Clear Western red cedar construction
  • Marine grade aluminium bands
  • Rust-resistant stainless-steel hardware
  • Full-sized door with bronze-tempered window for easy access
  • Clear cedar Benches
  • Bucket & ladle, sauna thermometer & sauna light Included.
  • Heats up in 25-35 minutes
  • 2 persons required to assemble (allow 8-12 hours for assembly)
  • 6-8KW. Saaku Electric Heater included in price depending on size of sauna.


front-porch-option 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas


This 2' (60cm) front porch option provides a comfortable cooling down area outside your sauna. 
Changeroom-Seats 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas


4' (120cm) Changeroom With Benches offers a convenient changing area when your sauna is farther away.

floor-option 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas


Flat Floor on Inside of Sauna is great for walking on and also removable for easy cleaning. 

Web-0160 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas


Adjustable benches with mortise & tenon joints. Walls from benches to floor. Full length back rests. Includes flat floor

signature-bench-option 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas


Signature Sauna Bench upgrade includes curved benches, back rests and floor.

LWaYsIUb 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas


Overhang Cove on front wall above door, keeps the rain and snow away from the open sauna door.

Resized_20191011_173844_6981 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas


2 Windows in Front Wall add more natural light for the inside of barrel sauna.

Bevel-Siding-Roof 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas


EPDM Rubber roof with cedar bevel siding and trim on front and back.

solar-light-in-barrels 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas


Brighten up the outside of your sauna with this motion activated solar light.

 Web_Comp-6778 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas







E93USYt8 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas

Electric Heater

Saaku Electric Sauna heaters have the control built in the front base and are ETLc approved. Heat up time is approximately 20-30 Min. Rocks Included.
This is a wet or dry heater.
Made in Finland. 240 V/50 A breaker required (not included). (Electrical connections must be made by qualified and licensed personnel. Improper installations present hazards, which can result in personal injury or property damage. Please contact a licensed residential electrician for these services). CLICK ON THIS LINK TO See Diagram for Saaku Heater Instructions & wiring diagram



harvia-heater-in-dome-sauna 760PV Panoramic View Barrel Saunas

     HARVIA M3 Wood Heater

Inside feed Harvia Sauna Heater with glass door so you can see the fire burning.Rocks Included. Graphite black stove with stainless steel spoiler.Wet and dry sauna. Including S.S heat.shield,floor plate and stainless chimney.2 burning channels for faster heating. Made in Finland.


  • Warranty
  • Dundalk LeisureCraft Inc. warrants our saunas against defects in materials and workmanship under normal/residential use for a period of five (5) years, as applicable, from the date of receipt of the product by the original end-user consumer. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear and/or natural weather conditions. This warranty does not cover regular required maintenance of the sauna, (eg. Tightening bands on the barrels, cleaning or staining the sauna) refer to your sauna assembly manual for maintenance guidelines. This warranty does not cover misuse or negligence and the manufacturer and associated retailers are not liable for any injury or damage caused by the product. This warranty is a parts only warranty and any service or labor costs would not be considered as part of the 5 year warranty.


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There are yet no reviews for this product.