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12x24 run-in HS12X24 Horse Run-In 12x24'

##HS12X24 Horse Run-In 12x24'

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14d-without-star HS12X24 Horse Run-In 12x24'

Select Steel Roof Color:

These Portable Horse Run-Ins are high quality and very strong and durable. Built to last. So give these a try today and see for yourself. A few pointers to keep in mind when ordering a shed:

This run-in comes with a post in the middle, being it is 24ft wide we feel that there should be extra support in the middle.


PLEASE scroll down to look at our roof & trim colors.

  • Depending on the size of shelter we use either a 20ft long trailer or a 48ft , so make sure you have enough room. 
  • They are delivered on a tilt and load garage style truck and trailer and don't always completely slide off on there own, so we require you have a tractor, skid steer or pick-up truck on site upon delivery to hook onto shelter and hold it while truck pulls out underneath.
  • Any obstruction of trees must be cleared, with a minimum of 14ft wide and 14ft high,
  • Lane ways and paddocks/fields must be solid enough to drive on with truck and trailer.
  • Access to paddock or field must be wide enough for the truck to pass through!
  • It is recommended to fasten the shed with stakes into the ground to prevent it from shifting in high wind

Made with,

  • Built on 6x6" Preasure Treated Beams
  • Pine board & batton siding (Can be ordered without battons)
  • 1"thick Pine boards on inside
  • 2x6"  spruce wall studs & rafters
  • Heavy Duty Metal Hooks in corners to move shed from pasture to pasture.
  • Steel roof & Trim

We will also custom built them the way you want them too just let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to give a quote.

DELIVERY AVAILABLE ALL ACROSS ONTARIO (Delivered Fully Assembled). Depending on the size of shelters you want we can deliver 2-4 on one load to save on shipping charges.


Roof Options

 Steel Roof

  • Many Different colors to choose from.
  • These photos are a guideline only and actual colors may vary.

color HS12X24 Horse Run-In 12x24'


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